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Dating coach Bela Gandhi is the founder and president of Smart Dating Academy.

Psychotherapist Esther Perel is the host of the popular Audible podcast "Where Should We Begin?

Extraordinary stressors can bring even the strongest people to their knees, and test the relationship.

The pain of loss or sickness becomes too great to bear, and the relationship can vaporize.

Or seek advice from a friend who has been in a similar situation.

Like Perel stressed earlier, the key is to try to understand why you're spouse is suddenly feeling this way, and discuss the issue with kindness, not anger. There's no hope." There are too many differences, or too many problems that can't be worked out. There may be grave fights, stonewalling, hostility, anger, you name it.

When couples turn toward each other with kindness, understanding and empathy, they can endure even the worst storms.

However, when the couple comes with boxing gloves on, treating each other with contempt, defensiveness and suspicion, the marital prognosis under any circumstance won't be positive.

You might need help navigating these discussions with a counselor or therapist.

The destruction of trust in an already weak relationship can often be the death knell to the relationship. Living in poverty is incredibly stressful, and financial stressors can lead to fighting — which can result in divorce.

Differences in HOW we spend or save money can also be incredibly difficult to navigate in a marriage.

And in today's connected world, it's not just physical affairs that happen, but also emotional affairs.

There are also countless affairs I hear about that occur because of social media.

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