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This was higher than the number reported by teenager females.35% of school students were sexually active and 47.8% had sexual intercourse.A majority also say other relationship choices once deemed unacceptable are "fine," such as long-term partners living together without marriage (76%) and having children outside wedlock (53%).But some things are "not fine" — such as sexually open marriages (in which partners agree that each may have extramarital sexual relationships); married couples sleeping in different bedrooms; married couples living in different homes and long-distance marriages in general."Everything that is 'not fine' has one element in common: a disruption of that profound connection," Fisher says.

"Like Doggett, many singles aren't spending a lot on dating-related services — the average in the survey was just .69 a month, compared with .84 spent on going out and socializing.

Statistics on Infidelity In general, infidelity affected 80% of marriages and 16% of the respondents had cheated on their partners.

The percentage of men committing infidelity was 57%.

Among other survey findings:• 20% of singles say having sex on a first date is either "somewhat appropriate" or "very appropriate" but 80% disagreed.

Of that 80%, 54% said sex on a first date is "not at all appropriate."• 54% of singles think a good first date should last from two to four hours; 43% say one to two hours; just 3% say five or more hours.• 40% of women and 48% of men say they have sent a sexually explicit text message; 36% of women and 35% of men have sent a sexy photo of themselves in a text message.• 31% of singles say they have had a one-night stand turn into a committed relationship; 28% of singles have had a "friends with benefits" relationship turn into commitment.• 15% of men and 12% of women say they'd ideally want to have sex every day; all ages agree that two to three times a week is ideal.

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