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They were of good quality with a mix of local German civilian housing, both social and private, with large gardens and well-kept parks and open areas. There were five children in our family so we got an end terrace, right next to an open park, 32 Lessing Strasse. In fact, most of the regular soldiers, Sgts and so on, had fought in the second world war and had chests full of medal ribbons.

They were not at all unpleasant, not the kind of terraced housing of coronation street or industrial England.

And we would have another bread roll mit schinkenwurst, to take to school for lunch.

School was in Rheindalen and there was a military school bus to take us there each morning, driven by German civilians, usually ex-Wehrmacht types who all wore old rather shabby field green Wehrmacht uniforms.

It must have been a small agricultural village at one time.

Set in vast acres of open fields of sugar beet and potatoes which ran all the way to the Dutch boarder.

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