Datagridview not updating

In addition to the speed, you also get a host of features that I like to call (which make it possible to efficiently display hierarchical data), multiple column sorts (which isn’t available out of the box in Windows Data Grid View – but can be custom built), pivot tables and more.If you are witnessing slow rendering (sluggish rendering) of your datagridview in your Win Forms (or ASP.This mode are visible as soon as you start adding additional items to the source list (while the grid is bound to it).Note that it is possible to add additional items without binding the grid – and then performing the binding step at the very end – as shown in the snippet above.Customer) and less interested in native data types such as ints and strings.This led to the development of object-binding as an alternative to older raw data-binding.A typical datagridview application that uses object binding will involve the following steps: For a detailed walkthrough of custom object binding to a datagridview, see this MSDN magazine article.

There are several 3rd party grid controls on the market – including Infragistics, Syncfusion and Telerik.

The refresh rate of the Anuj Varma is a Microsoft . NET framework architecture as well as 3rd party controls (such as Syncfusion) built around the framework, makes him a sought after performance expert for . Both these applications were built with performance (UI performance as well as Data Access Layer performance) as a key driver. NET apps, Anuj works hands-on in the WCF and Azure arena to bring performance to existing SOA apps.

NET architect specializing in high-performance applications. Some of Anuj’s personal websites include Cloud Advisory Services | Security Advisory Services | Data Science Advisory and Research Specializing in high volume web and cloud application architecture, Anuj Varma’s customer base includes Fortune 100 companies (, British Petroleum, Schlumberger).

NET ) application, chances are you are using automatic binding (mode (both with identical 10000 rows of customer data).

Even with this simple sample of a few 100 KBs of data, a noticeable difference can be seen (by visual inspection) when one tries to scroll down the grid to view more rows. NET revamp of as well as a Win Forms app used to map Ocean floors (Petrel).

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