Dating an undercover cop

Among campaigners, he earned the nickname “Flash” as he always seemed to have a lot of money.In the autumn of 2003, Lisa met Kennedy when he visited Leeds, where she was living.He was usually quite bright and chirpy, an early riser type, an energetic person, but he was upset quite a lot of the time. It really felt to me that I was seeing him through a difficult time, and a breakdown.He leant on me very heavily.”He appeared to be very paranoid.

He would go away every few weeks – the longest time was three months – working, but kept in regular contact through phone calls, emails and texts.Instead she and her friends found out through their own detective work and a chance discovery.They established that he was Mark Kennedy, an undercover policeman who had been sent to spy on her circle of activist friends.The most traumatising time of Lisa Jones’s life began when she agonised for months over the true identity of her boyfriend.They had been together for six years and she loved him “totally, completely, more than anyone”.“He was the closest person in the world to me,” she says. I thought I knew him better than anyone else knew him.” But she had begun to suspect that he was lying about who he really was.

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