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Marylebone, Lord Chancellor of England, unveiled the newly restored 8 x 12 foot (2,5 x 3,5 meters) Group Portrait of Sir Thomas More and His Family at Nostell Priory, Wakefield, West Yorkshire before a distinguished audience.It was a glittering occasion with flashbulbs and television lights, contrasting in their brilliance with the sombre stone hall.The Winn family have been in possession of the Nostell portrait since the marriage of Sir Rowland Winn to a Roper heiress in the eighteenth century.At that time it was taken from Well Hall, Eltham, to Yorkshire.For instance, the clock door above Thomas Mores head is open.the Younger (1497/8-1543) during the artist's second visit to England (1532-1543).JACK LESLAU : I would like to introduce you to the persons depicted in this painting.

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This painting measures approximately 7 x 11 feet and is curious in its including four descendants of More, who were alive in 1593, with seven of the Thomas More family, as portrayed from life in the 1520s (No. A much smaller Locky version in the Victoria and Albert Museum contains further minor variations (No. The evidence he adduces for the attribution is the signature in the lower right-hand corner of the canvas.An examination by microscope in January 1987 by the Courtauld Institute indicated that an original eighteenth century date had apparently been changed by additions of brown/grey and blue/black semi-transparent Further examination by the Hamilton Kerr Institute of Cambridge indicated that the Locky signature was a later addition and spurious.A pigs snout had been clearly superimposed on the nose of the little dog, directly in front of St.Thomas More, probably at the same time as the other alterations..It described the discovery by Jack Leslau in 1976 of a concealed rebus in the Nostell painting, similar to others in the work of Hans Holbein the Younger.

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