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The role of teens in the military life should be to lead, not follow.It's easy to copy wrongdoing because we are trying to fit in and be cool but there has got to be more teens that say no to the wrong.Military teens especially should know the fight and effortwe face when our guardians leave or our families move, but the individual that served or is serving is dedicated to this service as an act of kindness to this nation.Things like helping youth group in church, helping kids with their Spanish homework and volunteering to help coach little kids basketball strengthen me as a military teen because they show me that it is always a good thing to give back to your community no matter where you are.Youth involved in this program will receive structure and interventions towards our goal of academically successful and self-determining young adults.Our mission is to serve our youth by creating a healthy environment wherein they can learn and grow to their full potential in an atmosphere of integrity, respect, honor, trust and love.Fans imagined the two characters in a long-term relationship, based on their mutual love of scaring children, with their posts earning hundreds of shares and likes.

Then, more recently, with the reemergence of Stephen King's Pennywise in the new film It, fans started theorizing about whether the clown that lives in the sewer may be gay too, since he enjoys dancing after killing children and has a flamboyant way of dressing, always accessorizing with balloons.If I could improve military teen life I would create more opportunities for kids to communicate with each other.We don't get to communicate with kids outside the center so I think it would be good to explore other centers in Washington to see how they run their programs so we can get good ideas from them as well.One of the skills I have grown is my social skills.I now can manage my anger, listen to others, and be more understanding of other people's opinions or thoughts.

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