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"The Next Doctor" is the first of the 2008–2010 specials of the British science fiction television programme Doctor Who that was broadcast on 25 December 2008, as the fourth Doctor Who Christmas special of the revived series.In the episode, the Doctor visits Victorian era London during Christmas and meets a man claiming to be a future incarnation of the Doctor.

Inside, they discover a pair of Cybermen data-storage infostamps, which the Next Doctor recalls holding the night that he lost his memories.The Cybermen turn on Miss Hartigan, converting her into the controller for the "Cyberking", a giant mechanical Cyberman powered by the energy generated by the children.She tries to protest, saying that the Cybermen promised her she would never be converted, but the Cyberleader claims "That was designated a lie." Jackson explains to the Doctor how he has started recovering his memories, and remembers encountering the Cybermen on moving into his new home.In this alternate ending Davies imagines, Miss Hartigan "should have destroyed the Cybermen when she screamed...but she's still in the chair", as the Cyberking falls to the Earth, the Doctor calls out to her saying "Save them." This version would have Hartigan redeem herself as she is the one to cause the Cyberking to disappear, with no need for what Davies calls "a silly Dalek continuum dimension vault".

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