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I defy any responsible parent not to consider this a serendipitous turn of events. Keith, echoing my thoughts, said: 'This is really bad.No mother wants to stoop so low as having to secretly spy on their daughter's online activity, but, deep down, we all wish we knew what they were up to when they have no idea we can see. We should stop looking now.' It's hard to know how, to react when faced with a side to your daughter you never thought you would see.A 13-year-old girl who takes a nude photo of herself could also be prosecuted for child pornography, under this precedent. I think sending naked pictures without obtaining consent should be considered sexual harassment, and it should be illegal.

As usual when it comes to parenting matters, Keith's reaction differed to mine. Do nothing and we risked never knowing what she was really up to. Seizing a rare opportunity to get a glimpse into your child's life, or sticking your parental head in the ground? The world of teenage instant messaging is one you enter at your peril. 'Thanx babe,' she replied with all the insouciance of a seasoned flirt.

I have worked with several juveniles who have done sexual stuff online, and who have interacted with others sexually online, and have also done various other boundary crossings that are borderline criminal (depending on age of other juvenile. The intent of this article is that using child pornography laws to prosecute teens for sending/ taking sexually explicit photos of themselves is patently wrong.

Some of them have conduct disorder, and if we allow our youth to text pictures of their genitals to one another, how do we expect young people with sexually deviant behaviors, like exposing themselves, to understand boundaries? No one here is saying that it is okay to be harassed or be sent unwanted nude photo's and we already have indecent exposure laws and others that cover these crimes. Because then any photograph of this nature that a teen takes of themselves is criminalized.

I can see Sexual Harassment or indecent exposure as a sex offense also punishable by Washington state law as she reported it and did not ask for him to send a dick pick. How the hell is getting a dick pic without asking for it not sexual harassment.

How is being repeatedly asked for nudes not sexual harassment? There is an enormous difference between two adults consensual exchanging nudes and 13 year old girls being sent dick pics without asking for them and being constantly asked and harassed for nudes. He was prosecuted for child pornography, which is patently ridiculous, since the nude minor in the photos he took was *himself*.

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