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* If you're sitting in a car and you see a police officer running over to drag you out, quickly get out yourself unless you can accelerate to high speed quickly.When on foot, the police must try to knock you down before they can arrest, but when in vehicle they merely need to open the door to bust you.Start at step 1 and follow it through in sequence until the very end.

By doing this you will move out the wheels and possibly push the car back over. Whenever you need to examine something simply move it to gain a first-person view on your surroundings.

And whatever direction you look in, your character will face, which greatly helps with lining up strolls along narrow ledges.

* Whenever you are about to start a very difficult mission, check to see if the FAQ recommends you take certain items with you. This way if you die/get arrested whilst on the mission, you can simply reload and won't have to find it all again before having a second attempt. It's unusual, but GTA: Vice City can crash without warning.

It can be found at the Vice City page, probably where you found this FAQ. PLEASE READ THE 'FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS' SECTION FIRST!

If you found this FAQ via a different Website, the latest version of it will always be found at Game Faq's first. ------------------- 1E: GENERAL ADVICE: ___________________ * If you see your car is about to roll over onto its roof, turn into the way you are rolling.

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