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A load of rice 1 by ale ; a bullock load of untaxed grain from other countiies 1 hdga ; a load of buflalo ghee 1 adi/a ; a load of salt 1 hj/tile ; a load of jaggory 1 h/iga ; a load of sugar 1 adda ; a load of areca nut 1 hdga; a load of betel leaves for chewing 1 Mga ; a load of chillies 1 adda ; turmeric, garlic, cummin seed, fenu greek, mustard . Wliether the Binarasa of the inscriptions under notice had anything to do with Bii iasura of the foregoing story or not, the coincidence of names is singw- • Seven Pagoda St 127 ; sej al-o but. f Another form of the name, which varioudy appears in that of the city as AIAmallaipara, and Mah Abalipnra. From Brahma’s mind came forth a son Atri, resembling S iva saveiri his three eyes, of great wisdom. 1 roni him sprung Ch indra, a friend to the ocean in raising its tides, a crest jewel to S’iva the enemy of the three cities (of the raksbasas) and the guru of the world. Afterwards, tho tiger having obtained, svarga (1), its eyes being closed in rage, it became the sign on the banner of all tbo kjng.s of that race. All his descendants also from that Faying were called Jfapsedas, just as from yadu they wore formerly called Yddavas, In that race was born Vina7jddi{pa, who with his hands caused the lotus of the world to open. Charna Raja, (82.) 10, 41, 31] 319 o i ' ' ^ i w, 0 0 4. 7 S‘, — Purvada Ha{e Sanna^a Characters, May it be well.— WMe the aaspidous Eretjapparasa, brilliant as light- ning descending among the stars in the clear firmament of the world-renowned 6mga race, protector of tlie mighty hings of Valala and Me Uala, the chosen lord and possessor of the fortune of the auspicious Tae Za’s dominion, adorned with the ornaments of a cluster of innumerable good qualities, of superhuman power, having despoiled all his enemies of their territories, was ruling the Ganga- vddi Ninety-six Thousand under the shadow of his single Umbrella- Desiring to fight with Blra Maliendra, Ayyapa Eevanga with his tribut- aries came against the whole Nngalla army and fought with all his footmen. The council hastened to appeas s him, 4nd he granted the boon that the women of Mahishmati should thenceforth be free from the bonds of marriage, in order that no adultery might exist iu the lanf; and that ho would befriend the king in time of danger. { Chet Ginga (Churauga, Saranga Deva, Rudra Deva),..

They hold sacred the buffalo, (mahisha) from which animal Mysore, properly Mahish-uru, derives its name, and maintain large herds of it for the sake of the milk. The fellowiag is the translator’s note— It is probable they jmi) at Simoge. speak the truth, for you have come hither as spies upon ray kingdom. K 252 The Munibrlnda kshetra, situated within these four boundaries, do I give of my own free will, in order that my father and mother may attain to the Vishn U'lo I'ia, to be enjoyed by you and your disciples in regular succession, as long as sun and moan endure, along with the iejas-svamya rights of nidki^ nihshepa, jda, pds Jidna, aksh'na, dgdnii, shldlii and sddhya.^ And this Munh brinda kshetra have I placed in the hands of the Yaii, with presentation of a gold coin and pouring of water from the Tungabhadra, in the presence of the god Ilarihara, at the time oftho eclipse (? He was a great hero, dispersing the darkness which had covered up works of merit he caused them to shine forth, delighting in the nectar which issued from the lotus feet of the god Kes'ava. ) 1 hgd Je per hnruju ; musk 1 hydle per lola ; tho red flower crocus satwa, 1 hdgci each ; darlc sandal chips 1 adda per tola ; sandalwood 1 hdga per tola, . Hav- ing assembled all their forces, they besieged S’ivasamudra ; but for a time had very little success. Ercya 2 ipa hearing it, nyolced, and fixing a tribute for Ji m Gange Nugatla, set up a groat s'asana to be in liempmru, and Jrtfod ndd (or Kal nad). I he passage was read by Priusep § as follows : — Kancldyahi Vishnu^ s'dp&vamuita Jca NUa Udja, Yaingeyaka Ilasfi Varmay'Pdlakka Ugnmm, * As fi Hc'god tokens of the time of Rduia, theio-ci Ued coins known ns Rdmafenki are ini reatiiig, aro of gold, about the size of a crown j*iecc and conciive. 1167 Kcti^rasi), Naqati nrasa 1171 Toppa Devarasa, Nhalanka Alalia ... L'inguliya Narasimha Devi Of these kings, Ananga Bhima Deva was one of the greatest of 11 3-2^1 152 lir.2-1160 nfi6-1171 1171-1175 1175— 12 2 1202—12.37 1237—1282 the rulera * Laasen, /nc Z. Particulars of the dues payable on grain carried by pack bullocks : for the nava rafna (? Whentho slaughter of the battle became very great, taking to the elephant for remge, ho was pierced and died. Thus much, with the fields and Ixmiidaries, did Eragapa give to N agar a. Now, iu the celebrated Saniudra Gupta inscription on the Allahabad pillar fol- loiwing upon one of As'oka’s edicts, Nila Raja is mentioned among the sout J^ei H kmgs. Gangesvara * i Rkaj Ataka Dova IVladana Mahadeva Ananta Bhima Deva Rijar A^esvara Deva... The annual dues arc as follows : Immovable property : for light assesa- ment villages 1 lyydle per gadydna, for villages cultivated on Iialf share, 1 Jjyu Jc per gadydrm according to tho rent payable in money ; for rico and grain 2 hala klianduga ^ov government and private shares iinifed. From him was l)orn tlie king Ereyiinf/a, Hooding the earth with the water dropping from the letnples of his towering lusty elcphanls, a great victor in the field of battle. 72, 73, ’ 74 ' 76 , ^-^k) 8, 14, IG, 17, 19, 58, 08, SI, 83, 100, 107, 114, 12] 1 2.9, ] 34, ] 35, 1 39, 146, 1 49 15] 163, 164, 166^ i 7()^ 204,206, 298,306, 320; 326,’ 329! From )iim w as born Vishnu^ who seemed as if his own original (or a divine incarnation), protector of all the world, sur- passing by his valour tho fame of Indra’s conquest of the points of tho com- pass.

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