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It’s difficult for a girl to go down on you when she has a broken jaw, for example.

Since last holiday season when my office hired Cersei, she has quietly hit up almost everyone in our small office for various short-term personal loans.

If she likes to be lightly spanked, you spank her until it hurts.

If she likes to be spanked until it hurts, spank her until her butt is red raw.

I personally have always been firm and apologetic with her when saying no for myself.

Saying no was easy because it seemed really inappropriate, and because of the amounts she would ask for ranged so widely, sometimes with 2 requests in one day, such as for gas (less weird, maybe, but still weird) to hundreds for a vet bill (ok, getting weirder) to a thousand and change for a car repair (which shocked me so much I laughed out loud).

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