Liquidating damages on form hud 2442

However, by December 31, 2006, the administrator shall establish a procedure for accepting delivery of a document submitted under this subsection by electronic mail or over the internet.

Beginning January 1, 2007, the administrator shall accept delivery of documents submitted by electronic mail or over the internet.

(3) The administrator shall return a copy of a document filed under subsection (2), other than an annual report, or, at his or her discretion, the original, to the person who submitted the document for filing.

The administrator shall mark the filing date on the copy or original before returning it or, if the document was submitted by electronic mail or over the internet, may provide proof of the filing date to the person who submitted the document for filing in another manner determined by the administrator.

450.2122 Statutory reference to repealed act as reference to this act; statutes not applicable to corporation. (2) The following statutes do not apply to a corporation, as defined in section 106: (a) Chapter 55 of the Revised Statutes of 1846, entitled “general provisions relating to corporations”, as amended, being sections 450.504 to 450.525 of the Michigan Compiled Laws. 156 of the Public Acts of 1955, being sections 450.701 to 450.704 of the Michigan Compiled Laws. (2) A corporation covered by subsection (1) includes, but is not limited to, all of the following: (a) A cooperative corporation classified as a nonprofit corporation under section 98 of 1931 PA 327, MCL 450.98. (c) A trustee corporation holding property for charitable, religious, benevolent, educational, or other public benefit purposes. (e) An educational corporation that is organized as a trustee corporation or a nonprofit corporation. (3) Except as provided in subsection (2)(h), this act does not apply to insurance, surety, credit unions, savings and loan associations, fraternal benefit societies, railroad, bridge, or tunnel companies, union depot companies, and banking corporations. (1) This act does not modify the requirements of the following: (a) The supervision of trustees for charitable purposes act, 1961 PA 101, MCL 14.251 to 14.266. (c) The charitable organizations and solicitations act, 1975 PA 169, MCL 400.271 to 400.294.

450.2124 Requirements of other acts not modified; compliance; inconsistency between acts. (d) The uniform prudent management of institutional funds act.

(2) A corporation organized under a predecessor act is subject to this act except to the extent that this act conflicts with the articles and bylaws of the corporation lawfully made pursuant to the predecessor act.

The corporation may amend its articles and bylaws to bring itself in conformity with this act. (1) A reference in any statute of this state to parts of any act which are repealed by this act is deemed to be a reference to this act, unless the context requires otherwise. (1) Unless otherwise provided in, and to the extent not inconsistent with, the act under which a corporation is or has been formed, this act applies to a corporation that is or has been organized under an act other than this act and not repealed by this act. (h) A street railway under the nonprofit street railway act, 1867 PA 35, MCL 472.1 to 472.31.

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This act shall be liberally construed and applied to promote its underlying purposes and policies which include: (a) To simplify, clarify, and modernize the law governing nonprofit corporations. (5) “Board” means the board of directors or trustees or other governing board of a corporation.(d) Except for a filing request under subdivision (a) or (b), for the filing of any other document concerning an existing domestic corporation or a qualified foreign corporation that a person requests the administrator to complete on the same day as the day of the request, 0.00.(e) For the filing of any formation or qualification document that a person requests the administrator to complete within 24 hours of the time the administrator receives the request, .00.(3) “Director” means an individual who is a member of the board of a corporation.The term is synonymous with “trustee” of a corporation or other similar designation. (1) “Member” means a person having a membership in a corporation in accordance with the provisions of its articles of incorporation or bylaws. (1) “Treasury shares” means shares which have been issued, have been subsequently acquired by a corporation, and have not been canceled.

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