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Now you can listen in on your premises with never-before available ease and flexibility, the TELE-MONITOR's sensitive microphone will pick up even a whisper 35 feet away.

Make you able to hear everything that is going on in the vicinity of the Q-Phone.

You may listen to both sides of the conversation in real time or via recorded audio file in the SD card (included).

This room bugging device is a very sophisticated new audio monitoring device.

The Q-Phone Pro is one of the best detective tool you can find. Highly sensitive transmit even a whisper from 35 feet away, neatly housed in a strong black plastic box, has built in rechargeable batteries. No rings, no beeps, no clicks sounds to alarm the target. It works on any single line, is tone/pulse switch able, offers last number redial, has a 10 number memory, ringer on/off, flash and pause. There are 8 programmable voice disguising levels ranging from high to low pitches. VOICE DISGUISING "CHANGING" TELEPHONE Model AU 004 Price 0 This state of the art microphone will disguise your voice from a woman's voice to a man's voice or from a man's voice to a woman's voice. Refuse some unwanted appointments, avoid calls which you do not want to receive, or parties you do not want to join. Highly sensitive transmit even a whisper from 35 feet away, neatly housed in a black metal box, uses batteries. Our AU014 AU015 AU012 AU017 AU021 AU052 AU062 AU032 AU016 AU026 voice transmitters will wirelessly transmit sound, voice or conversation to our AU018 UHF receiver.

You may change your voice to 8 different steps from a very low (man's) voice to a very high (women's or child's) voice. This ingenious telephone transmitter kit, cunningly disguised as a common dual modular adapter, transmits up to 1/4 mile on any FM receiver the unit tunes from 75 to 115 MHz and beyond, and uses the phone line for its power source and its antenna. Both sides of the conversation are transmitted with crystal clarity. You may listen in live or you may plug the AU018 to any recorder to listen at a later time on play back.

The monitored person will not get any ounce of hint about the application installed on his/her mobile phone, as it runs in the background. Rooting – Rooting is a simple process that is performed on the Android devices [Mobile phones, Tablet, Phablet] to set it free from the limitations imposed by the manufacturer.

By Rooting the device you set an aperture for installing and accessing all the third party applications such as spying programs, games and many more.

Like all other spy applications, m Spy offers you all the basic functions that aid you track down your target user’s smartphone actions like text messages, emails, phone call records and many more features.My name is Viktor Davis, I’ve been engaged with spy software companies from last 8 years.And over the period of time I’ve undertook the testing for various cell phone spy programs.In other words to others its a normal phone, to you its a very powerful detective tool.Give it as a present to your, spouse, your kids, your employees, etc.

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