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Apparnetly she haslusted for me for a long long time but only just recently has she really expressed a desire to make it happen.She had made very explicit moves and viduals when she came to the house. For many years - until I was into my 40's - I had never had a frank conversation with a woman about masturbation.» Read more She holds my face in her hands and gently kisses me.Her lips are as soft as a butterflys wings as they touch mine.My friend told me about a girl who would allow me the privileges every boy dreams of.

We both fell to the floor, dusted ourselves down ...

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Below you will read of Holly and I's first sexual exchange via mutual masturbation. All of these amazing stories, some true, some false, some fantasy.

What about us men, who long for a great solo experience after a radical prostatectomy to save ones' life.

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