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His marriage, through which he has two young children, failed.

When he was a boy, his adopted family in Rhode Island gave him a bag containing a lock of hair and a baby picture.

Soon the couple was appearing together as Gene and Tina Michaels in the “basket houses” — folkie coffee shops in which the performers were paid by passing around a basket. “A woman passing the basket gets more money,” she explained.

“They were a hip couple on that scene,” confirms Paul Siebel, a songwriter who caught his break some years after the Village folksingers had all moved on.

” He does, in fact, resemble the singer if you’re looking for it, especially around his eyes, which are perpetually wary. Given up for adoption as a child, by his own admission he has wandered through life.

He has sold mortgages but hates the work; he’d rather be painting houses.

For Bob Dylan, it was just another stop on his Never-Ending Tour.

Tina was adopted by the woman her father later married.He asked where she was going: to see a guy who worked in a bar. ’ And I said ‘fine.’” Will’s mother, Anita Grace De Vogue Voyes, a.k.a.“Tina,” moved to Manhattan to join the budding folk revival scene, where she quickly hooked up with performer Gene Michaels, an acquaintance of Dylan’s.The late Richie Havens, in his memoir , wrote about learning a song called “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall” from Michaels.It’s one of the few places Michaels’s name appears in written records of the folk years.

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