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This general information therefore isn't nearly as specific or accurate as a real astrology reading.

I specialize in fast and accurate relationship reports delivered by email.

Aquarians tend to be non-conformists, and appreciate others who are fairly independent and free thinking.

While this doesn't mean you'll score points for wearing a bone through your nose, you don't need to censor yourself with this sign; they're very hard to either offend or shock, and in some respects the more unusual your thoughts, ideas and history are, the more you'll interest them.

Posts with the most recent activity are listed first. There is an option to be notified when people respond to your comment. Well I'm a Cancer woman dating an Aquarius man going on 2 years now and according to my boyfrind, I'm more different than any other SERIOUS girlfriend … For details of the most common pros and cons of relationships with each of the other signs I have a separate index of articles on Aquarius compatibility Aquarius and Aries compatibility Aquarius and Taurus compatibility Aquarius and Gemini compatibility Aquarius and Cancer compatibility Aquarius and Leo compatibility Aquarius and Virgo compatibility Aquarius and Libra compatibility Aquarius and Scorpio compatibility Aquarius and Sagittarius compatibility Aquarius and Capricorn compatibility Aquarius and Aquarius compatibility Aquarius and Pisces compatibility If you're looking for ideas on where to go for a date, there's an excellent ebook 300 Creative Dates, which lists romantic, unique, fun and affordable suggestions.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze, Jr.; Lara Flynn Boyle and Kyle Mac Lachlan; Maria Sharapova and Adam Levine The world of Pisces is a strange and wonderful place and it is never stranger than to an Aries.

You may enjoy this relationship more as the stuff fantasy is made of than trying to pursue it in reality. This combination is can be almost devoid of passion. It’s confusing because he is a shape-shifter who can take the form of a passionate lover to please you one night, but when the sun comes up will disappear back into the ocean and swim away.

Burning Aries and yearning Pisces are brought together by imagination and the excitement of possibility. How can you end something that never really started?

They each sense the beautiful tapestry of romantic ideals the other has woven about them. Liz Green warns that it is hard to leave the table when you are just half full, and that can be a big problem with this relationship.

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