Who is soleil moon frye dating

They fall in love but after the week is over, Kevin fails to keep in touch.In a subsequent episode, Kevin impulsively returns to find her, but she's upset he never wrote and tells Kevin she has a boyfriend and he should go back home.

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Kevin thinks he isn't treating her well and starts a relationship with her on the side.They inadvertently run into Cindy at the drive-in and she finds out Kevin lied to her.Now: Mc Comb has made guest appearances on ' House' and ' CSI' and was married to ' Dawson's Creek' actor James Van Der Beek for six years.Now: Wendy Cox-Hagen retired from acting and currently works as a real estate agent in California.Then: Kevin and his family attend a Labor Day picnic for his father's company, NORCOM. They hit it off until he later learns her father beat out Jack Arnold for a promotion at his job.

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